Long range planning

Now that most of the beautification efforts are underway, the SSA has been working with a local district planner to help compile and analyze area statistics and demographics in order to help develop a corridor plan and marketing materials. The plan has recently been completed and programs are currently being developed based on the findings.

Public art

There was a mural project in the viaduct over Chicago Ave near Sangamon Street; and ongoing public art programs will be implemented. 

Street maintenance

Cleanslate provides four days per week of sidewalk and gutter litter pick up along SSA streets. Currently you can see the crews working hard removing litter, emptying artistically created SSA trash receptacles, and surveying local businesses on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.


Snow removal

SSA #29 has the snow cleared from SSA sidewalks and crosswalks after each snow fall that accumulates two inches or more. This is a service provided in addition to the snow removal provided by property owners according to the City of Chicago Snow Removal Ordinance.

Landscape maintenance

Landscaping is provided bi-weekly April to November on SSA #29 trees, tree pits and public way grass in an effort to improve the health of the environment and add to the appeal of the district.

Facade Improvement Program

SSA #29 will rebate 50% of eligible façade projects up to $10,000. There is a streamlined process and no application fee. The application is now also available in Spanish and Ukrainian.

Streetscape elements

The SSA has purchased and installed and helps maintain trash receptacles along the SSA boundaries. These receptacles help to reduce the amount of litter on sidewalks and in the streets. Check back soon for details on the next public way improvement.

Decorative banners

Promotional street pole banners are now available for local businesses to purchase and help promote themselves and West Town. 

Holiday decorations

In an effort to brighten the holidays and provide a festive atmosphere for shoppers, the SSA provides decorations on SSA #29 street light poles. The decorations are installed around the Thanksgiving holiday and are removed in mid-January. 

Marketing Programs

SSA #29 markets the commercial corridors and businesses by promoting the “Go West” marketing campaign and website on the street pole banners, by distributing the annual Go West business guides to local businesses, and by maintaining an online presence with this website and links to other West Town Chamber websites. SSA #29 also markets the service area by supporting special events that publicize and draw consumers to Chicago Avenue such as the West Fest street festival.